About us

Puhka Kihnus OÜ is a family oriented company created in 2013. The women of two generations stood up to use the recources owned by the family by restoring the suitable space at an old fish-smoking facility on the island. Since the building itself had already been there as well as the space suitable for an accommodation, and it had been called as "accommodation" inside the family, and the location is just around the corner from the harbour, "Sadama Öömaja" accommodation was born. The translated name would be "Harbour accommodation".

Sadama öömaja is a modest guesthouse for different travellers: workers, families, cultural and natural gourmand.

Accommodation offers 16 beds in seven rooms - one single, three double and three triple rooms. All rooms have single beds. In spring 2013 we installed a central heating system in Sadama Öömaja which allows us to provide accomodation all-year-round.

For our guests we offer the use of a common kitchen, showers, sauna, barbecue facilities and a bicycle rental.

We are located 550m from the harbor.

Our guests are transported to Kihnu by AS Kihnu veeteed from Pärnu and from Munalaiu. Ferry ride from Pärnu lasts 2,5 hours and from Munalaiu 1 hour.

The island Kihnu

Kihnu is the seventh biggest island in Estonia located between tiny islets in the Gulf of Riga. At birds-eye view about 40 km from Pärnu and about 12 km from Munalaiu. It is small on the map but large enough to walk through by foot - 7 km long and 3,3 km wide. On its 16,4km2 Kihnu fits lots of beautiful nature, tiny and exiting forest roads, plenty of sightseeing and many events to fill a joyful vacation.
The main activities for the local people are handicraft, fishing and tourism, as well as all possible kinds of business activities.